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Happy Gut

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Proper digestion is vital and having a happy gut will help with that here are a few things you can do to help
going to the bathroom first thing in the morning and drinking room temperature or warm water, especially when waking up from a long fast can help.
Staying hydrated is essential as well, but do not overdo it while eating it can slow down the digestion of food.

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Feed good bacteria to your gut with greens, apples, and yogurt or kombucha.
Inflammation comes from not having a healthy gut, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussel sprouts help a lot with inflammation dairy is the most significant contributor to an unhealthy gut.
Intermittent fasting can help a lot by giving your gut a break usually by not eating after 8 pm and eating again till the next day at noon.
Exercising/Cardio helps to burn calories and helps to move your intestines around and to move food around the right way, which can help with constipation, and that stuck overly full feeling.
Sitting down too much can slow down your metabolism, so don’t forget to stand up every once and a while if your job has you stuck at a desk all day.


3 thoughts on “Happy Gut

  1. Thank you very much for sharing this with us, KETO LIVIN’! How easy (or hard) was it for you to find a balance between eating as healthy as you can and a “normal” life (if life can be called normal)?


    1. 🙂 normal my life is not lol but 1st month was the hardest 3 1/2 months in it has become much more manageable.
      Hanging with friends and family when they are not on the same mindset as you does get a bit tricky but it did help me to pack snacks know my limits and plan my days out a lot more better.
      That made me be a lot more creative for sure.

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