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Keto Tips While Traveling or Vacationing

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Don’t let your self get into the starving mode. Make sure you set a time for snacking and or eating a meal; this will help you from you wanting to eat everything in sight.
Bring Keto-friendly snacks pack filling but will keep you in your carb count for the day.
I like to keep Justin’s Almond Butter packets in my purse when I’m out it is filling I can manage it in my daily count, and it will also help with my sweet tooth if I see a dessert I want.
Budget your carbs for the day so that you can enjoy some french fries or a couple of bits of dessert, you should be able to enjoy a taste of your old favorites while on vacation.
Don’t go for anything that will trigger you to go into a whole binge of never-ending eating. My weakness would be nacho fries; if I have one bite, I will not stop.

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