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I have been able to give up a lot since starting Keto and had no issue not going back to some of the foods that are off the list, but one thing I did cry for was popcorn I truly love popcorn even more so when I’m at the movies it is my must-have snack.
After starting Keto, I did eventually move up to about 26g carbs per day and have stuck to that ever since, and it has worked great for me, but I do plan my day for when I know I will be going to the movies or at least when I know that today I do want a little popcorn because it is definitely my treat of choice.
If you are a popcorn lover like me then here are some of the keto-friendly ones I like

and know that it is ok to have it some times but not all the time air-popped is the best and about 1 cup of it is an OK amount as a snack but if you do want to go to the 5 cup make sure you stay on your carb count and know that it can affect your whole day if you’re going to stay in Ketosis and microwave popcorn is usually the worst due to it having so many preservatives and even though we should not take in our treats I typically will make my own popped at-home popcorn to take to the movies just to keep myself on track.

So at the end of it all popcorn can be OK to have not really great when on Keto as long as you are mindful and in control of your Ketosis.

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