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I have always been a fan of Slim Fast it has worked for me in the past and there flavors have always been delicious, this time around I was excited to see they added a KETO line with shake mix and snacks.

To make it even better you can mix the shake powder with water and its still filling and yummy, no milk needed.

There are days were I don’t want a full meal or don’t know what I want to eat so instead ill make a shake for breakfast, pack a small lunch and take a couple snacks in case i need something to munch on then ill make a shake for dinner to complete my day.

I do love to travel with the mix and a shaker in my bag just in case I go some place that isn’t KETO friendly and need to eat.

An idea on how to plan your day, replace with keto friendly snacks & lunch

Check out the line if you haven’t already it’s great if your already into KETO or want to start and don’t know how.

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