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July 1st, 2019, I started my first day of Keto, and like any other time I have started a “diet” I hoped with this one, I would stick it out and see a change.
I have to say I thought this journey was going to be hard seeing that on Keto you can not have carbs or sugars so this diet was going to be a life-changer for sure.

It is now August 29th, 2019 I have to tell you this diet has been the best and most natural change for me it has helped me in so many ways, not just with weight loss but also with how I feel and sleep.
When I started I knew I did not want to be focus on numbers I was going to get my starting weight which was 210lbs and not weigh myself again until a month or two later, I started this because I was no longer feeling comfortable, my clothes did not fit as they should and I had trouble with heartburn and sleeping all around I was needing a significant change of how I was eating.

The first two weeks of starting Keto I was strict on myself no carbs what so ever no matter what, and I would do about a 30 min cardio workout on Saturday mornings to get my body use to working out again.
I felt changes the first week my focus was a little off and felt a bit dizzy some days I did want to break and eat everything in sight, but I held back.
After two weeks I did not want carbs or sweet stuff not only that, but I started fitting into my clothes a lot better I was way less bloated, and I could see my stomach beginning to go down.
So at this moment, my weight is 196lbs. I have never felt better.
I’m not completely strict on myself as when I first started, I have moved up to doing at least 26 carbs per day.
I’m doing a 20min cardio workout, some days 30min and if I want to have a cheat day I make it worth it.
I don’t go totally over my carb limit, and if I do I make sure to at least plan my day around it, I don’t ever want to feel like I can never treat myself.

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I will post some of my snacks, foods, and things I do to keep myself on track because it is never easy, but it is doable.

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