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4 Acids That You Should Know & Use

Lactic Acid – An AHA found in foods even milk and now in some cosmetics, it is considered a gentle exfoliator. It works for all skin types and best if you have acne. Helps with discoloration increases skin hydration, the best way to start introducing it into your skincare routine is by starting slowly one to two times a week and more if your skin reacts well to it.

Glycolic Acid – An AHA that is a form of sugar Cain which penetrates into the skin exfoliates dead skin cells and preps your skin for the other products you use. Helps to smooth out texture and is best for normal, combo or oily skin. Best way to start introducing glycolic acid in a face wash to get your skin use to it.

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Salicylic Acid – Known as a BHA that penetrates and unclogs pores its best for acne skin but not if one has cystic acne or dry skin.

Hyaluronic Acid – This is not an exfoliant as one may think it adds hydration to the skin, should never be used on its own and pairs really well with other products so it’s easy to add to your routine.

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